It is very important for us at Nothing But Green Living Enterprises, LLC to provide a safe and environmentally prosperous future for our children.

School Programs

It is very important for us at Nothing But Green Living Enterprises, LLC to provide a safe and environmentally prosperous future for our children. Therefore, we have developed a School Care Program designed for school administrators to first be able to calculate square footage, to gallons of chemical, to dollars in a clear and quantifiable manner. This calculation will then allow for a clear and concise breakdown on how much product is needed in order to completely strip, recoat and maintain the brilliancy of the floors for the entire year. Once this is done, this program will reveal the unsurpassed labor, chemical, energy and time savings achieved for the 2nd and many years ahead without ever having to strip again.

Moreover, the presence of leftover, unused, toxic, environmentally harmful chemicals will be completely eliminated. The basis for this program has brought many financial and progressive benefits to many administrators on a national level. However, putting all these benefits aside, this program was designed for one overlying purpose. This was to make a drastic positive impact on environmental source reduction, which in turn, will drastically reduce the amount of harsh conventional products that are being exposed to our children, staff members, and administrators on a daily basis.

Therefore, it is integral in stopping and removing the circulation of conventional products that possess known carcinogens like styrene. By doing this, administrators can make a positive impact on their community and their schools. In turn, true pride can be taken in making positive changes for the future of our generation and in reducing the carbon foot prints left from the past conventional chemicals. Now is the time to make this change and reap the benefits Nothing But Green Living's School Program has to offer.

Why Us?

  • We are licensed and insured in NJ, DE, PA, CT & NY.
  • We are proud to be CleanTrust Certified. Does your supplier have this certification?
  • We specialize in BOTH commercial and residential.
  • Decrease in labor / time / effort by 45-55%.
  • The focus of the company is to reduce the "Carbon Footprint" through the reduction of harmful Floor finishes and cleaning products. This can be accomplished through the use of safe alternative floor finishes and cleaning products.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction.
  • Call for a FREE estimate.
  • International service in Africa and Canada

Who Are We?

  • We use ONLY GREEN Certified Products
  • We may be a NEW name, but we aren't new to the industry.
  • Our company is comprised of many divisions, which include restoration and cleaning of natural stone, wood, flood and fire restoration.
  • In addition, the Products and Supplies division focuses on distribution of cleaning products, supplies, and machinery.
  • Our products are safe and are used in NJ, NY, CT, MD & VA school districts. And the list is growing.
  • Our floor care system affords you an annual chemical reduction of 60-70%, which results in a savings to your bottom line.
  • MBE, SBE, PWC, DPM&C, SDA, DBE and SAM certified

All this and environmentally safe. Why call anyone else?

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